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SQDG colored Keycaps - choc (1 row, 3 keycaps)

SQDG colored Keycaps - choc (1 row, 3 keycaps)

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SQDG low profile keycaps are sculpted with pronouced edges (still comfortable). Perfect for a split keyboard such as a corne layout.  

These keycaps were designed by shoggot and the files are available: 

Technical Specifications:
- Profile: SQDG
- Switch type: Kailh choc v1 
- Material: Resin (colored)

Made in Canada.
We use eco-friendly packaging by having compostable envelopes and using cardboard for added protection.

If you have a keycap design in mind, please reach out to me and I will see if it could be made.

Thank you for supporting this small keycap business! <3

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