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Custom Legends

We are actively working on making fully customizable legends a reality, thanks to our UV printer.

Do you want multiple legends to fit your custom mapping?

Maybe you even want to have images or pictures on your keycaps?

All this will be possible thanks to our UV printing service.


Vibrant resin Colors!

🎉 Exciting News! 🎉
Now, we can 3D print with colored resins!

Available for all keycaps (We are working on updating all the listing to reflect this).

Keycap Profiles

We have a decent amount of keycap profiles available and we keep expanding our selection.

If you do not see a profile that you are interested in, Please message us and we'll make it for you.

Keycap Profiles
  • Anonymous

    These are incredibly sturdy! I love the feel these give and the ease of reach they provide!

  • Jean-luc

    Superb keycaps, with an exquisite pebble-like feel! beautiful making using the keyboard even smarter.

  • Bugra

    Amazing product. Robust quality. I recommend to everyone.

  • Jay

    I want to give a thumbs up for the store. The reason is the owner listens customer’s feedback and improved, I mentioned there was some dirt in previous order, this time it’s gone. 2nd my customization is %100 satisfied, it’s great!

  • Brandon

    beyond friendly and communicative owner, keycaps are way better in person than in pictures, perfect fit, durable finish. no problems or nitpicks at all with my order 10/10 would recommend this shop to anyone looking for keycaps this style.

  • Eric

    These keycaps are fabulous and tremendously improve the ergonomic quality of my choc keyboard (the 3w6). This seller is tremendous and helped me with so many questions, even creating one off orders for me AND designing keys that worked for my personal needs. I am completely blown away by the seller and the quality of these caps. I will be buying more from them for sure. This is an excellent shop, buy with confidence!

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