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MX low profile Keycap set, for full keyboard

MX low profile Keycap set, for full keyboard

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MX full low profile keycap set, featuring MX textured keycaps for enhanced typing experience. The textured keycaps give a unique feel and are ideal for gaming and productivity applications. Whether you're typing emails or hammering out your next game, get optimal performance with this precision keyboard set.

To make sure that you order a set that is perfect for your keyboard, feel free to mention any details in the personalization section or through a message. 
If you want colors, please mention your selected color in the personalization section or through a message.

If you select "Dyed Color" please mention your selected color in the personalization section or through a message. Use the colored image chart as a reference. For more than one dyed color it would be an additional $20 per color.

**MX Profile** 3D printed  
**Nylon** Textured 
**Resin** Smooth 
The Black, White, and Transparent Resin keycaps are translucent enough that they work with backlit keyboards.

Technical Specifications:
- Profile: MX (low profile keycaps)
- Switch type: Compatible with Cherry MX switches & clones
- Material: Nylon or Resin

If you have a keycap design in mind, please reach out to me and I will see if it could be made. We make custom keycaps ;) 

Cute gift for him or her.

We ship worldwide.

Thank you for supporting this small keycap business! <3

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