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Welcome to 3dkeycap, where innovation meets personalization. We specialise in crafting high-quality 3D-printed keycaps that allow you to fully customise your mechanical keyboard. Every keycap matters.


What is the difference between materials?

Our nylon material offers more texture, it has a rough surface finish that can be compared to smooth concrete. On the other hand, resin offers a smoother surface finish, closer to regular PBT keycaps.
The nylon material is very opaque therefore does not let light shine through. 
Resin is a bit translucent, depending on the colour and the keycap profile (how thick the keycap is). In the following picture I showcase how the material, profile and colour have an impact on the backlight.
3- Colours
We can add pigment into our resin before printing, enabling us to offer vibrant keycaps. Nylon only comes in grey and black (for now).


Do we manufacture our own keycaps? 

We have DLP resin printers and we print keycaps once an order is placed. 
For Nylon we work with a supplier (JLCPCB). 

Do we hold inventory? 

Yes, for Nylon we do hold inventory. Upon receing an inventory restock we perform a quality control since the tolerance can vary, leading to loose or tight stems. We put asside the keycaps that do not pass our quality control, ensuring that the keycaps sent out work well for our customers.
For resin we hold very little to no inventory (exception for accessories).

Sharing our 3D models

We currently do not share our 3d files as we are using them to try and make a living. This is something that we hope to make available in the future, once things are going smoother (financially). We hope that you understand. 


Can we make and sell Keyboard Cases?

Currently we do not offer keyboard cases but this is something that we are hoping to offer in a few months. 


I do not see the keycap profile that I'm looking for

Please contact us and we will see if we can make it happen. We are constantly working towards expanding our product selection 



Our Journey started on Etsy hence most of the sales and reviews are currently there. Hear what they have to say: