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Arrow Keycap Set, textured for gaming

Arrow Keycap Set, textured for gaming

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Textured arrow keycap set for mechanical keyboard.
Multiple profiles and color are available, customize it and make you keyboard unique.
These 4 keycaps are perfect to replace your arrow keys or your WASD keys depending on your gaming style.

The textured pattern allows you to easily feel the keycaps and locate your fingers, a nice confidence boost during intense battle.

They keycaps are 3d printed with a commercial HP MJF printer. The nylon material is very durable.
The quality is very consistent and looks like the pictures.

Included in the packaging:
- 4 keycaps
- 1 Thank you card
(The mechanical keyboard is not included)

We use eco-friendly packaging.

If you have a keycap design in mind, please reach out to me and I will see if it could be made.

Thank you for supporting this small keycap business! <3

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