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Stem Replacement fix (Pack of 5)

Stem Replacement fix (Pack of 5)

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Revitalize Your Keycaps with Our 3D Printed Resin Stems

Our product is designed to breathe new life into your keycaps that have broken stems. Crafted from 3D printed resin, these stems come with a flat base, making it easy for you to attach them to your damaged keycaps.

The stems feature a textured surface, enhancing the bonding contact when glue is applied. This ensures a secure and durable fix for your keycaps.

Instructions for Use:

Please note that this solution requires a bit of work and skill on your part. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the remaining parts of your broken stems. There’s no need to remove stems that are not cracked.
  2. Sand the bottom of the keycap until it’s as flat as possible. This will help the stem fix adhere better.
  3. Clean the keycap thoroughly before applying the glue.
  4. Place the stem fix on your keyboard (your keyboard is used as an alignment tool).
  5. Apply the glue to the stem fix.
  6. Carefully place and align your keycap on the stem fix.
  7. Let the glue cure (overnight to be safe). 


We hope our product helps you extend the life of your beloved mechanical keyboard. Happy typing!

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