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MX-Lame concave Low profile Keycaps - MX (Pack of 10 to 100)

MX-Lame concave Low profile Keycaps - MX (Pack of 10 to 100)

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KLP-MX Low Profile Keycaps  are 3d printed keycaps, offering and interesting surface texture. 
Our white, black, and transparent (frosted) resin options are translucent enough that they work with backlit keyboards.

These keycaps were designed by Nikita Shirokov and are open source: 

We ship worldwide.

Technical Specifications:
- Profile: KLP-MX
- Switch type: Compatible with Cherry MX switches & clones
- Material: Resin or nylon

Included in the packaging:
- 10 to 100 OEM-LP keycaps (depending on your order)
- 1 Thank you card
(The mechanical keyboard is not included)

Made in Canada.
We use eco-friendly packaging by having compostable envelopes and using cardboard for added protection.

If you have a keycap design in mind, please reach out to me and I will see if it could be made.

Thank you for supporting this small keycap business! <3

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