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Keycap Tilting Kit

Keycap Tilting Kit

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This tilting kit comes with multiple tilters and risers that can be used to give and angle to all your keycaps on a split keyboard.

These tilters are compatible with Kailh choc switches & keycaps. 
(They will not work with MX switches & keycaps.)

ZSA Voyager:
- 28x 15deg tilters
- 12x 25deg tilters
- 12x 1mm spacers
- 12x 3mm risers
(total: 64)


- 28x 15deg tilters
- 12x 1mm spacers
(total: 40)

- 20x 15, 20 or 25deg tilters
- 10x 1mm spacers
(total: 30)

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