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FunkMonk Arrow Keycaps (Pack of 4)

FunkMonk Arrow Keycaps (Pack of 4)

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MX-FunkMonk low profile keycaps with an arrow 3d pattern is perfect to replace your arrow or WASD keycaps to offer additional tactile feedback during those intense gaming sessions. 

The blank Keycap profile designed by Stephan Park: 
We took the 1U design and modified it to create these arrow keycaps. 


These 4 keycaps are perfect to replace your WASD keys on your mechanical keyboard. The textured keycaps allow you to easily locate the key without having to look down at your keyboard. Since these keycaps are 3D printed, the quality is very consistent and looks like the pictures.

Technical Specifications:

- Profile: FunkMonk profile
- Switch type: Compatible with Cherry MX switches & clones
- Material: Resin

Included in the packaging:
- 4 FunkMonk profile Keycaps
- 1 Thank you card
(The mechanical keyboard is not included)

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