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Lily58 Tilting Kit (choc switches)

Lily58 Tilting Kit (choc switches)

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This tilting kit is for choc swiches , it enables you to give a curved keyboard profile to your Lily58 mechanical Keyboard. 

These tilters are compatible with Kailh choc switches & keycaps. 
(They will not work with MX switches & keycaps nor logitech)

Youtube Video:


Required tilters per hand: 

25° x8
15° x8
DA25° x1
DB25° x1
DA20° x2
DB20° x2

S25° x1
S15° x2
5mm x11
3mm x1
1mm x4


This kit is for both hands
Total parts= (8+8+1+1+2+2+1+2+11+1+4)*2  = 41*2 = 82 parts


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