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Keycap Set with Custom Legends

Keycap Set with Custom Legends

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Keycap set with fully customizable legends, for a split keyboard.

We limit the legends to 1u, 1.25 and 1.5u keycaps (for now).

These legends are UV printed on top of our 3d printed keycaps.
This method allows for fully customizable legends, you can even add pictures on your keycaps if desired!

We expect the legends to last 1-2 years with heavy daily use. This is not a guarantee but an estimation that we will be able to validate over time.
After printing the first keycap set, I have been using it as a daily driver, heavily using my keyboard for the past 3 months. So far the legends do not show signs of wear, they are holding up well! 

Place your order and contact us at to finalise the details of your order (keycap profile, switch compatibility, resin color, custom legends file,...)

Printed and shipped within 2 to 10 business days from order.

Template for custom legends (example):

Small video tutorial on the legends template:

Videos on UV printing:

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